Writing in Jupyter Notebooks (Jupyter Book)

Atlas supports authoring Jupyter Notebook content by supporting a conversion from the Jupyter Book format to HTMLBook in Atlas’s backend before generating PDF and Epub output formats (HTML output is not supported for Jupyter Books at this time).

You can find out how to work with and structure Jupyter content into Jupyter Books from their documentation.

To enable the conversion of Jupyter Book content to PDFs and Epubs within Atlas, the following should be added to your atlas.json file:

    "preprocessing": { 1
        "format": "jb-book", 2
        "source_dir": "my-jupyter-book-content", 3
        "args": [ 4


The preprocessing element signals to Atlas that a step must be taken prior to final output conversion.


The format must be jb-book.


The source_dir is the directory in which you’ve placed your Jupyter Book files. This should be the root of that directory and contain the _config.yml and _toc.yaml files.


An optional list of arguments to the conversion script.

In general, once you’ve finished writing your book, a final conversion from Jupyter to HTMLBook will take place as a part of preproduction intake, after which the "source of truth" for your book will be the resultant HTMLBook files.

You can look at and raise any issues for the conversion script on GitHub, and/or contact the O’Reilly Tools Team for additional support.